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ReliefPad™ Red Light Therapy Deep Healing Pad

ReliefPad™ Red Light Therapy Deep Healing Pad

Regular price $189.90
Sale price $189.90 Regular price $339.90
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ReliefPad™ Red Light Therapy Deep Healing Pad

Regular price $189.90
Sale price $189.90 Regular price $339.90
SAVE 44% Sold out
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  • Natural Pain Relief Without Side Effects
  • Heals & Relaxes Muscle Tissue, Joins And Nerves
  • Painless, Easy & Safe Treatment
  • FDA Approved & CE Cleared To Treat Arthritis Pain, Joint Pain & Muscular Aches
  • Portable And Lightweight
  • Designed To Use By Everyone At Home
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With Real FDA Cleared Medical-Grade Device

  • Everything you need for natural pain relief
  • Painless, easy and safe treatments
  • Safe for you, your family and pet
  • Save thousands with your own red light therapy device:
  • the cost of one session in a clinic!

Only 20 minutes per day may help maintain healthy blood circulation, provide fast acting relief from pain, inflammation and

Allows you to sit back, relax and let the Red Light Therapy Pad go to work while you are reading, watching the TV or
enjoying a cup of tea.

Experience Deep Healing

Heal Your Body
Red light profoundly penetrates the skin, causing a regenerative effect that increases collagen production, encourages blood circulation, and enhances metabolism. The healing of
scars, wounds, cuts, and nerve damage is accelerated.

Profound Recovery
ReliefPad™ delivers continuous red light and pulses Near-infrared light (NIR) at 10 hertz to boost the body's natural recovery, healing, and regeneration process. It's ideal post-workout treatments, after and injury, or just supporting the body's natural inflammation process.

Energize Yourself
This particular treatment is proven to increase dopamine and seratonin. It can also lead to improvement in how the mitochondria in your cells function, which can make an individual more energetic.

Pain Relief And Decreased Inflammation
Red light therapy promotes healing of fractures, bone defects, and increases bone density. It boosts blood flow, reduces inflammation, and stimulates bone cell growth by enhancing collagen and pro-collagen production.

Powerful Healing & Pain Relief From The Comfort Of Your Home

Whether you experience rapid relief or improve steadily over time, Red Light Therapy is the missing ingredient that restores health deep within your joints and tissues.

ReliefPad™ is the best in personal red light therapy with a powerful LED light to help you see results fast. It delivers the exact light wavelengths which penetrate deep into the skin and sends a regenerative energy to the injured cells.
With more energy, your injured cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.
Imagine this healing light reaching your tissues, muscles, tendons and even bones, increasing blood circulation, further promoting the healing process.

  • Benefits Of Artificial Red Light On Your Body

    Red light penetrates the skin at the surface and muscular tissue levels. It works by getting the cells in the area to reproduce faster. This causes healthy new cells to emerge and replace the old damaged cells. It also increases the flow of nutrient-rich
    blood in the area which leads to faster cell regeneration.

  • Benefits Of Artificial Infrared Light On Your Body

    Infrared light penetrates deep down to the hard-to-reach areas- like the nerves, joints, and bones. The presence of infrared light in these areas stimulates an increase in nutrient-rich blood flow, promotes cellular regeneration, and prevents
    cellular death that leads to deep tissue damage.

Feel The Difference With Clinically-Proven Red & Infrared Technology

This state-of-the-art FDA recognized class 2 medical device uses red and infrared light waves to provide natural pain relief.

Red and infrared light have been used to treat pain since the 1990s. Researchers discovered that the therapy works well for mild discomfort to severe pain by penetrating the skin, muscle tissues, and joints at different depths.

Red light therapy helps so many health conditions that more than 3,000 clinical studies have proven its benefits.

While red and infrared light both exist on the same end of the light spectrum, infrared light is not detectable by the human eye.

Affordable Clinical Grade Technology

Scientists, for years, have studied and applied proven light therapy (phototherapy) to provide pain relief and speed up healing using the same technology utilized by ReliefPad™ - Red Light Therapy Pad.

However, in-office treatments cost up to $10,000 per year. With ReliefPad™ you can experience the same benefits and more right in the comfort of your home.

Equipped with the most advanced medical grade LEDs, the ReliefPad™ delivers wavelengths that are clinically-proven to reach your deep tissues. It will give you efficient healing and relief from your pain within 1 month. Guaranteed.